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Aja Moon has taken her passion for wellness, education and human connection and turned it into purpose driven work. As an empowerment speaker and wellness program coordinator, she is transforming workplace wellness, one industry at a time.

Moon has developed a unique variety of wellness workshops, retreats, group and individual counseling and activities, all offered through Kaleidoscope Wellness. Each of these activities and events are tailored to meet the needs of the client. Moon uses a humanitarian approach in her work, consistently listening to the unheard voices and amplifying them with healing-centered and trauma-informed based programs.

who we are

Image by Tim Marshall

Here at Kaleidoscope Wellness, we treat each of clients like family.  We don't tell our clients what to do with the pieces of their lives, we equip them with support and resources to promote wellness and prosperity.

Our clients mean the world to us.  

We work very closely with our clients and assist them in healing from within.  Energy healing is one of our key elements here at Kaleidoscope.  We offer the opportunity for relaxation as well through papering facials, hot stone massage and invigorating yoni steams.

what we do

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Self love governs all that we do here at Kaleidoscope..  We want our clients to begin their journey here with us and allow that journey to take them to the greatest and deepest self love that is humanly possible.

Through energy healing, guided meditation and sound healing, we have the opportunity to guide and assist clients in the directions of their own healing and achieving their goals.

We absolutely love to see our clients thriving, loving themselves and living their lives in the best versions of themselves.  This is our driving force behind each and every corner of our brand.

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who we are
what we do
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